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mount network usb (router) drive and share with raspberry pi

plug hard rive into router

In the router html interface

“Advanced”/”USB Port” share with samba   username=xxx  password=yyy   device = defaulted to usb1_1  directory = Router  rights=read+write

remember to enable Samba (tick box)

On network computer (pi)

sudo mkdir /mnt/Router (if it doesn’t exist)

sudo chown -R pi:pi /mnt/Router

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=xxx,password=yyy,uid=pi //192.168.sss.fff/xxx  /mnt/Router

BACKUP /etc/fstab to fstab.bak  THEN  sudo gedit /etc/fstab and add line :

//192.168.1.fff  /mnt/Router username=xxx,password=yyy,uid=pi,gid=pi 0 0

sudo mount -a   (to then run the fstab file) (add it to bottom of .bashrc file to automount as boot of fstab occurs before network available.