Installing a Windows XP VirtualBox on Ubuntu 14.04 with Guest Additions SHARE

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-qt (or whatever its called)

create a new virtual machine, insert windows DVD and install windows as a virtual machine

  1. in the virtual machine (i.e. windows) under  Devices  select  insert guest additions CD. Guest Additions appears in the windows taskbar.
  2. install the windows guest additions virtual CD by right clicking it.  Windows will restart when installed.
  3. Under windows machine->session information Guest Additions is shown with a version.
  4. On the HOST (Ubuntu) select a folder to share via the Virtual Box Manager Settings.
  5. REBOOT windows
  6. Under Computer (NOT Network) there should be a mapped drive available, e.g.   SharedFolder (\\vboxsrv) (E:)

There is NO NEED to install guest additions on Ubuntu from what I can tell (although I did that first so cannot be totally sure).  They are after all called GUEST additions.

To install the USB device:

On Ubuntu host command prompt

sudo usermod -G vboxusers -a <user>
REBOOT or log off Ubuntu to let change take effect.

On the host it is best to create a usb filter for the usb device that needs adding so that Windows doesn’t try to use all usbs (can be problems with Windows suddenly getting/losing control of usb devices without shutting down correctly):
Screenshot from 2015-10-23 20:35:40

use lsusb command to get the information about the usb devices