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pi service

Add a service file /lib/systemd/system/picam.service similar to this:


enable then start/stop using:

sudo systemctl enable picam.service 
sudo systemctl start picam.service 
sudo systemctl stop picam.service

to view the output:

 sudo journalctl -u picam.service

mount network usb (router) drive and share with raspberry pi

plug hard rive into router

In the router html interface

“Advanced”/”USB Port” share with samba   username=xxx  password=yyy   device = defaulted to usb1_1  directory = Router  rights=read+write

remember to enable Samba (tick box)

On network computer (pi)

sudo mkdir /mnt/Router (if it doesn’t exist)

sudo chown -R pi:pi /mnt/Router

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=xxx,password=yyy,uid=pi //192.168.sss.fff/xxx  /mnt/Router

BACKUP /etc/fstab to fstab.bak  THEN  sudo gedit /etc/fstab and add line :

//192.168.1.fff  /mnt/Router username=xxx,password=yyy,uid=pi,gid=pi 0 0

sudo mount -a   (to then run the fstab file) (add it to bottom of .bashrc file to automount as boot of fstab occurs before network available.

Poor/intermittent wifi connection

By using internet speedtest under a variety of the settings the following was found (this may not hold true in the future but its what seemed to make sense at the time) :

1 Wireless WMM (QoS)

Enabling QoS means that VOIP/videos/games take priority and can cause issues for web browsers when gaming is in progress.  Heavy gaming seems to even stop connection to the wireless network (at that time the specific game causing problems was DOTA 2).

Switching off QoS leaves all network connections the same access to the internet causing lag problems for game users/video watchers.

2 Channel

Channel (1,6,9,11 are supposedly best for less interference) Is significant with 6 significantly better on the 2.4GHz band  for our particular wifi network at the current time.  Wireless phones and microwave may interfere along with other local wifi networks.

Unsure of 5GHz band cos not sure what uses it, channels 36,40,44,48 recommended so stuck it at 40 (from 112)

3  Other settings had little or adverse effects

tried 40MHz,  20Mhz, 5GHz off

switching off various devices

moving all electrical items from around the router.

4  These are the current working settings :

Screenshot from 2015-01-31 19:54:47